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Gold Country Massage

PAR® Method Massage Therapy

COVID-19 Update - My business is permanently closed at this time.  Thank you for support!  I wish you the best in your endeavors.


It's always a great day for a massage!  Amidst busy lives, I believe it's imperative to practice relaxation techniques to support our health and wellness.  I know massage therapy to be one of these techniques, because relaxation massage has been a tool in my personal "de-stress" toolkit for over 25 years.  

The PAR® Method is a massage therapy technique I developed to promote deep relaxation, help relieve stress and pain, bring balance to the nervous system, and naturally activate the body's healing capabilities.  I recommend it for anyone suffering from acute or ongoing physical and/or mental stress.  This method creates the needed space for healing to happen.

"Touch is basic to survival.  That's all the excuse anyone should need to indulge." -  Elliot Greene

My office address is: 151 N. Sunrise Ave., Ste. 819, Roseville, CA.  You'll find me inside East West Acupuncture Center, in The Gardens complex.