• Tasha Standridge

Consistency Works - Sticking With One Therapist

Not all massages or massage therapists are made equal, but there is someone just right for you! It may take testing the waters with a few therapists. Once you find the right fit, sticking with one provider helps deliver consistent results.

When you first meet your therapist, they’ll ask a lot of getting-to-know-you questions. It’s important that they understand as much as possible about your lifestyle, your health, and what your goals are for your massage sessions. They want to be able to address your specific issues as well as support you in maintaining your well-being. Background info helps your massage therapist plan your treatments.

After each session, your therapist will make notes, such as how you’ve responded to pressure, any areas that may have caused discomfort, and any feedback you may provide. This all forms an ongoing journal of your massage history together.

Every time you see a new therapist, this process of getting to know you has to be repeated. You're stuck in the "first treatment" cycle, instead of making forward progress with someone who knows you well.

Like any healthy long-term relationship, good communication develops trust and goodwill between the two of you. Your therapist gets to know you and your daily routines, and can read your body language more accurately with each visit. They understand what is “normal” for your musculature and what is outside of your usual pattern. This makes your massage treatments more effective.

With consistent appointments, you’ll be able to recognize the results of your massage more quickly and the effects will last longer.

This isn’t to say that you should never see more than one therapist at a time. Because we therapists tend to specialize in an area we are passionate about, you may find that you prefer a different therapist for your sports massage, deep tissue, or relaxation massage, depending on your present needs.

The overall goal, though, should be consistency - consistency in the therapist relationship and consistency in appointments. Bouncing around because of discounted offers and services cheats you out of the full benefit of this personalized type of treatment. You’re doubling your effort and wasting money and time that could have been more strategically spent.

When you're ready to commit, I recommend that you book your appointments well in advance. This will help you stay committed to a regular schedule. Consistency is key to getting the best results from massage therapy!

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