• Tasha Standridge

Take Care of You to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter is just around the corner. My sweaters are finally coming out of storage. It’s not unusual to get the "winter blues" when the days get shorter. Many people in the northern hemisphere feel it due to the lack of sunlight during these colder and darker months.

The good news is that massage therapy can help support your health throughout the season change.

Massage Helps With Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a struggle for some people when there’s less natural sunlight. Sunlight causes the brain to release a feel-good chemical called serotonin that improves our mood. When there’s less sunlight, less serotonin is produced, which can lead to low mood, lethargy, and difficulties with daily motivation.

A relaxing massage can help to lift a low mood. Massage helps to relax stressed minds and bodies, as well as encourage the release of serotonin and endorphins, the chemicals produced by the body when you’re feeling happy.

It Boosts Circulation

Massage also helps boost circulation during a time of the year when we naturally tend to move around less. Regular exercise helps keep circulation running smoothly, and also pumps freshly oxygenated blood around our bodies faster. A lack of movement in the winter months can result in feeling sluggish, and poor circulation can lead to lethargy, aches and pains.

Here’s where a massage provides an extra boost; it helps blood pass through congested areas, assisting the lymphatic system to remove waste that builds up. At the same time, massage helps decrease blood pressure, improving our sense of well-being.

It Helps Fight Infection

For anyone prone to suffering from colds and infections during the winter season (me currently, cough, cough), massage can be of assistance as a preventative measure. It’s been found that massage can boost the effectiveness of the immune system, fighting off bugs and viruses that circulate in common spaces this time of year. A gentle massage encourages white blood cells to circulate. This increases blood flow and stimulates white blood cells to start fighting infection in your body. If you're already sick, wait to come in for a massage until you're feeling healthy again.

These are just a few of the benefits of getting a massage when the weather turns cold. There’s also just the plain fact that massage feels good - and you deserve to feel good during this crazy, busy season! With the added treat of a steamy hot towel for your back and feet, and restorative essential oils, you'll be ready for your next session before you even leave the office.

Hope to see you often this winter season!

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